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W3C valide Templates für Joomla V 3.1xy eine liste 13 Okt 2013 12:59 #37823

guten Tag in die Schweiz - hallo Community

Auf der Suche nach W3C validen Templates bin ich auf einen hoechst interesanten thread gekommen er ist im engl Forum.


These results might not be entirely scientific as some of the demonstration websites are in frames or similar so that other templates can be selected other than the one currently being displayed. Some demonstration websites
also have more content than others. Hopefully the test is still sufficient for a ball park comparison.

W3C valid (or close to it) templates loading in under three seconds:

Construct construct-framework.com 1.2s
Helix helix.joomshaper.com 1.2s
OneWeb joomlafuture.com 2.6s
RocketTheme Afterburner demo.rockettheme.com/joomla/afterburner2 1.3s
RocketTheme Gantry demo.gantry-framework.org 1.4s
YouGrids yjsimplegrid.com 1.5s

YouTheme Warp www.yootheme.com/themes/warp-framework was just over 3s.

See the attachment for the full details.

Edit: Motif manoscrafted.com loaded in 1.9s and might also be worth a look.


also ich hab mir die templates angesehen- sie sind alle echt sehr gut.
Schnell und imho alle frei.-

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